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Wine and Chocolate Pairings: Four Mistakes to Avoid

Wine and Chocolate Pairings: Four Mistakes to Avoid

Pairing wine with chocolate seems easy enough. The two indulgent treats even share the same beginning. Cocoa beans and wine are fermented with the same type of yeast through a very similar process.

But despite their shared history, wine and chocolate pairings can easily fall flat.

Fortunately, rescuing your guests’ taste buds couldn’t be easier. Here are four things to avoid when planning your duos:

1. Starting complicated.

Because they’re widely enjoyed and recognizable, bars of high-quality white, milk, and dark chocolate are an easy entry point. Start with white and end with dark to let your palate move naturally from mild to bold flavors.

2. Pairing opposites.

Opposites may attract in rom-coms, but they rarely do with wine and chocolate. Best practice is to match lighter-bodied wines with sweeter chocolate and fuller-bodied wines with stronger chocolate. Simply stated, delicate white chocolate just can’t hold its own against a bold red wine.

3. Always following the rules.

The worlds of chocolate and wine are more innovative than ever as interest in both grows. The resulting range of products means more opportunity to introduce unexpected pairings at your tasting events and gives your guests an added sense of adventure and intrigue. The latest trends introduce the flavors of peanut butter cups, sea salt, and caramel to the chocolate and wine mix.

4. Using mass-market chocolate.

For your wine and chocolate pairings to be their best, you’ll need quality, craft confections made from real cocoa butter and cream. The overly sweet taste and grainy texture of mass market chocolate can only let down the nuances of fine wines.

Mr. B’s Chocolates takes your wine tastings to the next level. Our small batch, premium Belgian chocolates are made by master chocolatiers right here in Minnesota. Our chocolate bars are the perfect way to start experimenting. Their velvety smooth taste makes good wine even better.

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