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Summer and Chocolate DO Go Together. Here's How.

Summer and Chocolate DO Go Together. Here's How.

There’s a rumor going around.

Maybe you’ve heard it too?

*Some* people claim that chocolate doesn’t go with warmer weather.

The nerve.

Mr. Bs is here to serve your cravings all year. We have a packing and shipping process that’s heat-proof so your truffles arrive fresh and ready to pair with your favorite cold drink. Pro tip: our raspberry and orange flavors are on point with a glass of sangria.

Give your dessert presentation an upgrade with almost zero effort. Unwrap and gently melt our simple chocolate bars in the microwave or in a sauce pan on your stove. For every ounce of chocolate, stir in one tablespoon of your choice of half and half, heavy cream, butter, or coconut oil. In minutes, you have a delectable sauce for drizzling over your favorite ice cream. The taste: loads lovelier than store bought.

You can also simply melt the bars, dip fresh strawberries in the chocolate, set on parchment, and refrigerate until set. The final presentation: always pretty, always classy. Even on a regular Tuesday night.

Need to hide your treat? (We won’t tell!) Stash Mr. B’s chocolate bars in your freezer. Break off a piece or two when you need a quick, refreshing power-up. Hint: our chocolate mint flavor works especially well for this.

Mr. B’s knows that your cravings, celebrations, and gifting needs don’t stop because the temperature rose. We’re here to serve you year-round.

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